Monday, January 12

REV'IT! Abbey Road Gloves: Iconic

Tony - Content Coordinator

It does not get more classic, or legendary, than this. Though it was a little before my time, from what I hear, there was a little bit of music magic that happened at Abbey Road Studios towards the beginning of 1969 that turned out to be The Beatles’ highest selling album of all time. In the name of artistic endeavors and the ingenuity of the human creative spirit, the REV’IT! Abbey Road Gloves were developed to offer classic motorcycle enthusiasts a little bit of proverbial music of their own.

REV'IT! Abbey Road Motorcycle GlovesBuilt from high-quality drum-dyed goatskin leather, these gloves will be soft and subtle. This type of leather also breaks in incredibly well for a form-fitting and comfortable feel. While there is no hard knuckle protection, or TPU protectors anywhere for that matter, there is articulation over top of the knuckles that allow for a great deal of mobility throughout the flexion of your fingers. A burly wrist strap allows for a snug fitment so that you can truly get a responsive and highly tactile feel on the controls. Additionally, REV’IT! had the foresight to include touch-screen compatible fingertips, so that you can easily and effectively operate your mobile devices without having to take your gloves off every time.

If you are a fan of the vintage motorcycle style and culture who is looking for a pair of simple, clean, and subtle leather motorcycle gloves for your classic ride, check out the new Abbey Road gloves from REV’IT!. Just remember to stop at crosswalks. (Hopefully, you’ve seen the album cover, or that last part made absolutely no sense.)

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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