Monday, January 12

REV'IT! Royale, Regent, & Fairfax: Lace Up

Tony - Content Coordinator

Have you ever seen someone in a really great outfit, put-together, dressed, pressed, and looking at the top of their game from their head to their ankles… only to have their shoes just ruin the whole darn thing! For the classic and casual motorcyclist riding style, the same holds true. Don’t let your shoes give you away.

REV'IT! Royale Motorcycle BootsThere are classic boots, there are technical boots, and then there are the few that really bridge the gap between the two. That is where the REV’IT! Royale Boots come in. By cleverly integrating moto-specific protection and functionality into an otherwise stylishly subtle piece of footwear, riders will get to enjoy both sides of the proverbial coin with these. Reinforcements for protection are included at both the heel and the toe, as well as the incorporation of a gear-shift pad for durability. Coming in both black and brown color options, these CE-certified boots can dress up or dress down, depending on the occasion.

REV'IT! Regent Motorcycle Boots
With a waterproof leather and suede combination comprising the outer shell, the new REV’IT! Regent Boots offer a unique take on the trend of classically styled motorcycle footwear. As with the Royale, these boots are CE-Certified and reinforced in the foot to offer much-needed protection in the event of an accident. These boots are also going to be highly comfortable. You will want to wear them even when the bike is in the garage.

REV'IT! Fairfax Motorcycle ShoesRounding out the newest metatarsal masterpieces will be the new REV’IT! Fairfax Shoes. These have been designed to be almost indistinguishable from standard sneakers. The retro, high-top design does more than just look cool though. By extending the coverage higher up the ankle than many riding sneakers offer, REV’IT! is able to offer increased protection, as well as super-fly looks. With the inclusion of an upper closure strap, these CE-certified riding sneakers will allow you to rep your style both on and off of the motorbike.

When you put together your riding outfit, you make specific choices for specific reasons. REV’IT! gets it and has released three new footwear options that cater to motorcyclists with an eye on fashionable functionality.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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