Monday, January 12

REV'IT! Factor 3 Pants: Wherever You Go

Tony - Content Coordinator

A lot of times, the pants are one of the pieces of gear that we overlook. Helmets, sure. Jackets, absolutely. Gloves and boots, well they just look cool so of course. But pants can be a hinderance. Rarely do they look cool, and often they are just a burden to put on over our destination gear to begin with.

REV'IT! Factor 3 Motorcycle PantsThe new REV’IT! Factor 3 Pants that are to be released for the 2015 riding season are going to be a high-value, high-utility option for riders in search of moto-protection at a moderate price point. These pants look to be a simple solution for motorcyclists who want to armor up and protect themselves, but who aren’t trying to dive too far into the deep end.

For the female riders, the REV’IT! Factor 3 Women's Pants are also an option. These will serve the same purpose as the Men’s version, yet they will be specially designed to better fit the ergonomics of lady riders. Simple, lightweight, protective, and truly functional. It is a set of pants that is moto-driven, without being overly moto-styled.

While the Factor 3 pants won’t be released until later in 2015, they should definitely be on the radar for riders looking to upgrade over a standard pair of pants on the bike.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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