Monday, January 12

REV'IT! RSR 2 Gloves: Summer Fun

Tony - Content Coordinator

Here in the great state of Pennsylvania, fall is well on its way. Some people enjoy this time of year. It is pretty nice outside, so who can blame them? All I think about, however, is that in about a month and a half it is going to be winter… and winter stinks. However, summer will come again before we know it, and when it does, the REV’IT! RSR 2 Gloves will be ready.

REV'IT! RSR 2 Motorcycle GlovesThese gloves are a toned down version of something that you might see on the professional level, yet they still retain a high degree of comfort. That is what summer is all about anyway… comfort and the utmost enjoyment of all things moto. Speaking of moto, these gloves do not lack the necessary protection for those of us who like to make our way on two wheels. With hard knuckle protection and palm sliders, in combination with high quality leather for abrasion resistance, RSR 2 gloves have been endowed by the folks at REV’IT! with the features needed to protect riders in a crash.

Let the countdown begin to next summer. I know I can’t wait. We will all make it through this winter together, and when next riding season approaches, don’t forget the new REV’IT! RSR 2 gloves.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

Enjoy the ride,


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