Monday, January 12

REV'IT! Solar Jacket: Ahhh... Warmth

Tony - Content Coordinator

Getting a much needed hit from the sun’s warming rays on a cool day has to be one of the best feelings on this earth. Ugh, it warms my bones just thinking about it. That is kind of what the new REV’IT! Solar Jacket aims to do for riders when the weather turns cool… and it will very soon, if it has not already!

REV'IT! Solar Motorcycle JacketBuilt as a mid-layer that can be worn under your motorcycle jacket, or as a stand-alone option for off of the bike, the Solar Jacket offers a high degree of functionality on a lot of levels. Mainly, this jacket is built for insulation. In working to block excess wind from pulling heat away from your body, the added insulation will also retain the body heat that you put off yourself. From the comfort collar to the specially designed wind-catcher beneath the front zipper to stop cool air in its tracks, preparing for the winter doesn’t have to be a headache… or a massive drain on your wallet… with this simple, effective, and reasonably priced option.

Look, if you live up north, the cold is on its way. That is going to happen. There is not a whole lot we can do about that. However, when it comes to what we do to prepare for it, the choice is ours. As you decide what options are going to be best for you, don’t forget to check out the new REV’IT! Solar Jacket.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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