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Speed and Strength Armored Hoodies: Casual Commuting

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Rocking a motorcycle is a style choice. Let's be honest. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that. When watching the badass riders on TV shows or the big screen, there is a little part of us who wants to lean towards that aesthetic. The problem, often times, is that the movies aren’t real. As cool as it looks to wear a hoody on the bike, they aren’t really equipped to give us the protection we need while living in the real world. Well, until now that is. With the introduction of Speed and Strength’s lineup of Armored Hoodies, we have some viable options.
Speed and Strength We The Fast Armored Motorcycle Hoody
Leading off, the Speed and Strength We The Fast Armored Hoody comes to the market as a relatively-highly branded choice. With the “We The Fast” motto posted over the heart and across the back, there really is no mistaking the ethos of the rider inside. However, in case there was any doubt, the gnarly skull underneath pretty much clears any misconceptions. Mean, lean, and minimalist in nature, this is an armored hoody for the wild ones of the group.

Speed and Strength Armored Hoody Review:

Speed and Strength United by Speed Armored Motorcycle Hoody
Next up, the Speed and Strength United by Speed Armored Hoody arrives with a subtle style, minimal branding, and some really cool color options. We are obviously a little partial to the Orange! Constructed of a cotton poly blend frame, this hoody is backed by CE approved armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back for a bit of added impact protection while on the bike… or off of it if you fall down a lot.

Speed and Strength American Beauty Armored Motorcycle HoodyNot to forget the ladies, the Speed and Strength American Beauty Armored Hoody is a woman’s option that keeps its femininity without losing that mean streak undertone. It’s for the lady bosses of the road. As with the Men’s versions, the Women’s American Beauty is backed by lightweight CE armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back, while also having premium 3D embroidery to accentuate the overall design.

Speed and Strength American Beauty Armored Hoody Review:

Admittedly, the Armored Hoodies from Speed and Strength will not be the best option for high-speed, aggressive street riding. Also, you probably shouldn’t take them to the track and expect to be cleared to ride. They are not geared for that kind of thing as they do not offer a ton of abrasion resistance. However, for lightweight, around-town commutes at lower speeds, they do afford another option for riders in search of something with a little more casual styling.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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