Sunday, February 1

Roland Sands Ace Gloves: Light'em Up!

Tony - Content Coordinator

Yo, what’s up chief? How’s it goin’ champ? Put ‘er there cowboy. See, we have a lot of ways of denoting coolness in the English language without actually using someones given name, to the consternation of Middle School English Teachers everywhere. When it comes to going fast and being the best, however, there is one name that fits like a, well, glove.

Roland Sands Ace Motorcycle GlovesThe Roland Sands Ace Gloves are where it’s at (yeah Middle School English Teacher, I ended a sentence with “at”). Drenched in style and robustly designed to offer vintage feel with the requisite amount of contemporary moto-armorment, the Ace Gloves pull from the classic era of motorcycling that has become synonymous with the Roland Sands name. Constructed of top grain cowhide with padding at the back of the fingers, hand, and wrist, the RSD Ace Gloves are a gauntlet glove throwback full of signature style and a “no guts no glory” attitude.

Roland Sands Ace Gloves Review:

So, for the thrill seekers amongst us who fly by a different wing, the strap in, roll on the throttle, and be an Ace of the open road.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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