Sunday, February 15

Icon 1000 Royal Drive & Anthem 2 Mesh Pants

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The past few years have seen manufacturers really step their game up and answer the call of the motorcycling public. Sure, helmets and jackets get all of the attention. However, it is nice to see the options, features, and overall gamut of motorcycling pats getting some love as well.

Icon 1000 Royal Drive Motorcycle PantsThe Icon 1000 Royal Drive Pants stand as a robust, 2 season riding pant that is both convenient, stylish, and very moto-functional. Constructed of a Heritage Waxed Canvas chassis and backed by D3O impact protectors at the knees, the Royal Drive Pants were built to be put to use. Ergonomically crafted to remain comfortable both in the saddle and off, these pants have premium detailing intermixed with rugged materials that will work well for a variety of riders and styles.

Icon 1000 Royal Drive Pants Review:

Icon Anthem 2 Motorcycle PantsFor those searching for something a little more technical in design and aesthetics, the Icon Anthem 2 Pants are a mesh-shelled choice for warm weather motorcycling. Comfort was at the forefront throughout the process of development and design in these pants and it has produced an option to be recognized. With an outer shell that is comprised of the hugely popular Fighter Mesh material for tons of airflow, these pants are also backed by D3O impact protectors at the knees in case of a spill.

Icon Anthem 2 Pants Review:

Finding the right pants in the sea of choices can be a tough task. For 2015, Icon has added a couple new contenders that would be worth your time to ponder.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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