Sunday, February 15

Icon Raiden Gloves: DKR & Arakis

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Mortal Kombat fans in the house, put ya hands up! Now, if you are also a fan of ardent ADV motorcycling, take a minute to envision those raised up mitts inside a new pair of Icon’s forray into an entirely new line of gear that will be introduced with the Raiden collection.

Icon Raiden DKR Motorcycle GlovesAfter two years of dedicated research and development, Icon has brought the learnings of their studies into the needs, desires, and functional realities of the adventure motorcycling crowd to the market. As the flagship hand garments in the collection, the Icon Raiden DKR Gloves represent the do-it-all, go-anywhere ethos of the line from which they derive their name. Constructed of an insulated poly, double Hipora lined shell and detailed out with features such as a Neoprene backhand and ax suede palm for comfort, these gloves come in with a jolt. Additionally, the Icon Women’s Raiden DKR Gloves are available for female riders looking to garner the same bang-for-your-buck value in an ADV glove.

Icon Raiden DKR Gloves Review:

Icon Raiden Arakis Motorcycle GlovesIf you are looking for a more lightweight, simplistic option for less arduous treks, the Icon Raiden Arakis Gloves come built upon the Anthem chassis and will do the job nicely. Constructed for warm-weather, mild weather riding, the Raiden Arakis gloves won’t have the beefiness of the Raiden DKR, but they will work better at keeping your hands cool when the weather is hot and you are working hard. With a sublimated poly backhand, seamless battlehide palm, and D3O impact protectors at the knuckles, these vibrantly styled gloves are ready to strike.

Icon Raiden Arakis Gloves Review:

Your hands are important. They are, after all, essential in holding a video game controller and dominating at the most badass fighting game of all-time. They are also pretty darn important in successfully handling your motorcycle, so get the gloves that are as energized as you are for your next big adventure.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always....

Enjoy the ride,


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