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Icon Anthem Gloves: Blender, Cheeter, & Stealth

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Who here likes sweaty hands? Ah, trick question. Nobody does. They are gross and can be the downfall of everything from a good handshake, a romantic walk on the beach, or (most importantly), a fun afternoon on your motorcycle. To combat this, the Icon Anthem lineup of gloves is built to be a lightweight, super comfy warm-weather option.
Icon Anthem Blender Motorcycle Gloves
The new Icon Anthem Blender Gloves are a graphical choice that make use of the super streamlined Anthem chassis while adding a bit of flair to the equation. Constructed of a sublimated poly backhand and proprietary battlehide palm that has been expertly designed to be seamless for better fitment and durability, these gloves are an entry-priced get out and go piece of moto-gear. Additionally, D3O Impact Protectors at the knuckles provide the extra protection that one would expect. The Icon Women’s Anthem Blender Glove is another stylized choice for those who prefer a bright Pink option.

Icon Anthem Blender Gloves Review:

Icon 1000 Cheeter Motorcycle GlovesWith all of the same fit and functionality of the Blender gloves, the Icon 1000 Cheeter Gloves bring an entirely different style and vibe that is totally unique. Unlike anything on the road today, the Cheeter gloves have been truly inspired by the world’s fastest land mammal and are not afraid to show it. While the feline fashion is certainly not something that will tickle every rider’s fancy, those with a bit of bodacious bravado will hear the kitten’s purrrr with the Cheeter. Additionally, the Icon Women’s 1000 Cheeter Gloves are also available for the lady riders in search of the same.

Icon 1000 Cheeter Gloves Review:

Icon Anthem Stealth Motorcycle GlovesMaybe, just maybe, however, you are into something a little less “loud.” With regard to gloves of course. Not motorcycles. We all like loud motorcycles. Either way, if you are looking for the form, fit, and function of the Anthem gloves but do not want to rock the cheetah print or kaleidoscope effect of the Blender, then the Icon Anthem Stealth Gloves could be just right. Like a B-2 Bomber silently floating in for a strike, the Anthem Stealth gloves from Icon are a swift, precise, and totally under the radar option.

Icon Anthem Stealth Gloves Review:

Don’t get sweaty hands. Keep it simple. Stay stylish. Check out the new graphics for the Icon Anthem gloves that are new for 2015.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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