Sunday, February 15

Icon Alliance Majesty & Berserker: Roarin' Everywhere

Who can you always count on to push the envelope with fresh graphics and modern style? Icon. The Alliance has features you have come to expect like the removable and washable Hydradry wicking liner, a solid venting system, quick change shield, and All world standard safety rating. The Alliance Helmet is tried, true, and hard to beat for the price.

Icon Alliance Berserker Motorcycle HelmetAlthough the Alliance is nothing new, the graphics for the Spring of 2015 are proof you can teach an old dog new tricks. The Icon Alliance Berserker Helmet will have you looking like Beast from XMEN. The mixture of bright contrasting colors really make this helmet pop, and they are sure to get peoples attention too. If you go Berserk and ride like a beast, then let the people know you mean business with the Alliance Berserker graphic.

Icon Alliance Berserker Helmet Review:

Icon Alliance Majesty Motorcycle Helmet

The Icon Alliance Majesty Helmet is another great option to set the tone for 2015. This graphic lends the feeling of ancient power. The Rasta colorways are low key and soothing but the lion’s piercing eyes make you question who or what is under the lid. Look smooth and move with a purpose using the Alliance Majesty graphic.

Icon Alliance Majesty Helmet Review:

The 2015 Alliance Berserker and Alliance Majesty Helmets are the perfect mix of something familiar and something fresh. Let Icon help you make a bold statement with these new graphics for 2015 and then back it up with your riding.

- Ryan

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