Sunday, February 15

Icon Alliance Chrysmatic Helmet: Get -Matic

Tony - Content Coordinator

Mercedes Benz has the 4matic traction system. It’s pretty bad ass. Katy Perry has the Prismatic tour. Huge success. Now, with the release of one of the newest editions to the motorcycling world, the Icon Alliance Chrysmatic Helmet will join the “-matic” family with equal levels of cool.

Icon Alliance Chrysmatic Motorcycle HelmetLooking like a radioactive spider’s web of intergalactic laser beams, the Chrysmatic graphic is one that is sure to grab attention. Sitting atop the Alliance frame, this helmet offers a great deal of features, fashion, and moto-flavor at an entry price point. With both DOT and ECE safety ratings, Icon, as usual, has delivered an eye-catching graphical option without sacrificing on safety, stability, durability, and functionality.

It’s a known fact. Whenever you put a “-matic” on the end of a word, it instantly becomes cooler to the tenth power.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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