Sunday, February 15

Icon Jerseys: Raiden Arakis & Jacknife

Tony - Content Coordinator

We all have our teams of choice and our competitive attire that we like to rep. There is just something about putting on the right jersey, for whatever the occasion, that gets us in the right mindset. Moving into 2015, Icon has released two technical options that should be on your radar.
Icon Raiden Arakis Motorcycle Jersey
The Icon Raiden Arakis Jersey pulls from the lineup of Adventure gear that rocks the same name. The Raiden sequence of options was developed over 2 years of ardent conceptualization and design, and now it stands as the flagship in the Icon adventure stable. With the Raiden jersey, riders will get an outer poly chassis that is backed by D3O impact protectors at the shoulders, elbows, and back with Pro Moto Fit. 

Icon 1000 Jacknife Motorcycle JerseyAnother, less colorful option is going to be seen with the Icon 1000 Jacknife Jersey. As a chaotic, high contrast graphic that stands as a bit of energy radiating from the Icon 1000 logo which resides at center mass on the jersey, the Jacknife Jersey is not one that is easily missed. Rocking a relaxed fitment, this jersey takes that bad ass Icon 1000 attitude that is seen in their street line, and puts it into a technical moto-jersey.

With summer on its way and the warm weather somewhere on the horizon, Icon technical moto jerseys will be following close behind.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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