Sunday, February 15

Icon Variant Graphics: Raiden & Vitriol

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The Icon Variant Helmet is what I call an urban adventure helmet. The silhouette may look like a run of the mill adventure touring helmet with a peak and extended chin bar. But the design is definitely straight from the streets. The unique design of the Variant needs to be matched up with suitable graphics. The new Icon Vitriol and Raiden graphics fit the bill.

Icon Variant Vitriol Motorcycle HelmetIcon does graphics like Frank Underwood does ruthless political undermining. The Icon Variant Vitriol Helmet portrays a venomous snake wrapped around a human skull. It's dark and brooding, just like someone who would murder an alcoholic congressman and make it look like they just left the car running in a closed garage. Woops. Spoiler alert.

Icon Variant Raiden Motorcycle Helmet

Need something a little brighter? The Icon Variant Raiden Helmet is loud and bold. Sharp angular designs make sure that everyone can see you coming. Totally unlike the smarmy Chief of Staff, Doug Stamper, in House of Cards. That guy will sneak up on you like a velociraptor. Glad that guy is possibly dead. Spoiler alert again. I have to get better at putting those in earlier.

Icon Variant Raiden Carbon Motorcycle HelmetAnd then there is the boss. Kind of like Raymond Tusk. Now worries, no spoiler alert. Just strait up, in your face, “I’m more powerful than you” swagger. That is what the Icon Variant Raiden Carbon Helmet is all about. With all of the Variant features, style, and functionality, the Carbon edition is like the Bentley of the lineup as it comes, as you may have guessed, with a Carbon shell which both reduces weight, and just looks really mean, in a nice way.

Icon Variant Raiden Carbon Helmet Review:

I always look forward to new Icon helmet graphics. They always push the envelope and provide unique takes on classic motorcycle themes. The new Vitriol and Raiden graphics spice up the Icon Variant helmet just how Frank and Claire spiced it up with Edward Meechum. Am I the only one excited about the new season of House of Cards?

- SantoZilla

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