Sunday, February 15

Z1R 357, Z1R 45, & ZR1 444: Welcome to 2015

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Getting back in the game and putting your best foot forward, it is the New Year’s resolution for many amongst us. Some people just like to make resolutions, they have no intention of following through. Others will stick with them for a few weeks, then realize it is hard, and quit. Finally, there are the ones who will press on, put forth the effort, and keep the ship going. As we are in mid February, we have passed the time where the first two groups will drop off, and are left now only with the champions. We are left with the ones like Z1R.
Z1R 357 Motorcycle Jacket
Coming into the 2015 season, Z1R has a new lineup of some noteworthy pieces of gear. First on the list is the Z1R 357 Jacket. With a timeless, simple, and understated construction, this is a jacket that cuts out the nonsense. Constructed of sturdy, premium milled 1.2 - 1.3mm cowhide, riders can motor on knowing that they have a classically inspired jacket that will remain durable through time. Oh yeah, and it has two interior conceal carry pockets, for wherever the road takes you.

Z1R 45 Motorcycle Jacket

With many of the same features as the 357, the Z1R 45 Jacket comes to the market with subtle refinements and additional comfort features. Constructed of the same grade/thickness leather, the 45 is a no-nonsense leather jacket that is rugged, robust, and totally ready to rock! With upgraded venting over the 357, the Z1R also has improved mobility with action back panels that allow for a freer range of motion.

Z1R 444 Motorcycle JacketAt the top of the pyramid, the Z1R 444 Jacket takes the best of both and offers the features in one jacket. Like the 357 and the 45, the 444 comes with a removable, full-length internal liner that will help to extend the functional operating temperature of the jacket through multiple seasons. At the same time, it has great venting for the warmer months, and, of course the conceal carry pockets. Additionally, the 444 comes with reflective panels incorporated into the construction so that riders will be more visible at night.

So, we are here. It is two weeks into February, and it is cold. Many resolutions have been given up on, most of them were just phoned in to begin with as they are mostly half-hearted weaklings who had no business going for the top of the mountain anyway! Fortunately, however, there are steadfast sledgehammers such as Z1R and their new line of gear that are committed to advancing towards greatness in 2015.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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