Sunday, February 15

Icon Raiden DKR Jacket: ADV Moto Style

Philip - Gear Geek

When the going gets tough the tough get going. Everyone knows this old adage and the Icon Raiden brings the toughness for when the going gets tough. Whether you are a new adventure rider, or seasoned trail blazer you need to have some good protection so you can continue to go on those adventures.

Icon Raiden DKR Motorcycle HelmetThe Icon Raiden DKR Jacket incorporates a Hycor membrane with teflon coating to increase waterproofing, keeping you dry when your adventures get wet. Dont let that deter you warm weather hooligans though. With 2 chest vents, 2 pit zips, and 1 back vent you will get some pretty good airflow to help keep you comfortable. If ripping through tough bush is your kind of thing, or you find yourself meeting the ground the Raiden packs 1200D ballistic in the elbows and 800 Nylon main construction to hold up in tough conditions. Back all of this up with a full D3O armor pack to help keep you in one piece so you can make it to work the next day.

Icon Raiden DKR Jacket Review:

Women’s gear is constantly left to the wayside leaving the hard core female riders to scour the earth looking for that men’s jacket that just doesn’t quite fit right but has the protection features they need. Well my female motard friends, Icon has come up with an answer to your adventure prayers with the Icon Women’s Raiden DKR Jacket . If you are a hard core female hooligan who enjoys a day lost on the trail as much as the guy next to you the the Icon Women’s Raiden should be on the short list.

If you enjoy a day lost in the woods, or even the urban jungle ripping around on your sweet DRZ the Icon Raiden would be a good complement to your adventuring needs.

- PhilaZilla

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