Sunday, February 15

Icon Women's Anthem 2 Jacket: For The Ladies

For years women have been hoping for more options in the motorcycle gear market. Icon has taken their requests and ran with them (not a walk or a slow jog, I am talking about a full speed sprint here!). Currently offering more than 25 jacket and riding jersey options for lady riders, Icon is taking to its name to become an iconic line replete with diversity and style. The launch of the Women’s Anthem 2 Jacket in the 2015 Spring collection further solidifies Icon’s dedication to serving the feminine market.

The Icon Women’s Anthem 2 Jacket brings everything to the table that we have come to know and love from Icon. From the outside in, we see a jacket with a bold graphic in either black or pink, much bolder than its predecessor the Women’s Anthem. The Iron Weave construction over the Fighter Mesh chassis allow for a significant amount of air flow, making this a great summer jacket. If you would like to stretch your jacket usage into the cooler months, the full sleeved thermal liner will help you do just that!

The 1200D Ballistic nylon used in the impact areas coupled with the full D30 armor pack (shoulders, elbows, and back protection) bring a great level of functionality to this already stylish piece. Icon goes one step further with the a three-position elbow armor pocket that allows for a tailored placement of this important protective component.

The relaxed fit and extra room in the sleeves of this jacket ensure that it can accommodate many different body shapes. If you are looking for a jacket with a little more protective substance than the Women’s Contra and a little less aggressive of a fit than the Women’s Overlord, then this is the jacket for you. Thank you Icon, let’s keep those options coming!

- Diedra

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