Sunday, February 15

Icon Raiden DKR Boots: A Dystopian Rockstar

We’re all looking for great gear that’ll work for the Mad Max-esque dystopia that we know is coming (or maybe that’s just me) but don’t necessarily want that gear to be limited to technology from when Mad Max was first released to theaters. Enter the Raiden line by Icon, the all condition extreme riding gear that even if you are still living in a functional society, will get you through whatever ill-advised activities you may throw at them and keep you dry, protected and comfortable in the process.

Icon Raiden DKR Motorcycle BootsThe CE rated Icon Raiden DKR Boots from that line are certainly no exception with impact protection in all of the ordinary locations (ankle, heel, and toe) and then going even further with a Axialmetric Shank in the peg-riding-ready sole and a d30 panel behind the already burly Dual Hinge Thermoplastic Shin Plate. Inside of the fully leather and reinforced chassis including metal buckles, you have a full-hung insulated and waterproof liner which extends to a gusset for the entry point located in the rear of the boot and with the purchase and inclusion of some d30 insoles, these truly are ready for a full weekend of dual sport abuse.

Icon Raiden DKR Boots Review:

Even if you are not actively auditing your bug-out bag, these do-it-all gluttons for punishment should be a serious consideration for anyone in search of a true trail-use boot with all-day wearability.

- Josh

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