Sunday, February 15

Icon Vitriol & Anthem 2 Jackets: So Much Wow

If you are the type of person to welcome the Spring season as depicted in Vivaldi’s “La Primavera” concerto then look away. On another hand, if you have the restless throttle hand syndrome and you thrive in tranquility of chaos then stay tuned. Those of you attracted to the riding on the edge of reason and sanity look no further than Icon’s new Vitriol and Anthem 2 jackets for 2015.

While most of us were hibernating and braving the bone chilling winter weather dreaming of thawed streets and blue skies, Icon has been furiously busy. They devised and plotted an explosive new line up of killer apparel for us.

New for 2015, Icon is coming in hot with a launch of the Icon Vitriol Jacket. This puppy does not hold back its brashness. It’s unapologetic and down right in your face design is not for everybody. Then again not everybody has the cojones to strap themselves to a 1000cc screaming motor-machine either while holding for their dear life. Those with a heart condition look elsewhere ‘cause this bad boy roars like a firework. Yeah! It’s just that darn hot.

Even if you are a crotch rocket Freedom Fighter from the PoPo, have no fear this jacket features a soft shell construction reinforced with nylon panels for extra abrasion resistance. If you are still worried, just take a chill pill because your back, shoulders and elbows will be embraced by the grasp of D3O molecular armour shielding you from the unexpected.

Just as Miley Cyrus likes to “twerk it” to the bass thumping music, it is always easier to be poppin’ wheelies and scaring the bejesus out the cagers while listening to your sick beats. The ever thoughtful designers from Icon decided to incorporate a headphone pass through port just for this very reason in this jacket. When you need to feel a cool breeze caressing your body, all you need to do is pop open the underarm zippers for improved ventilation. The last thing you would want your wheelie buddy to say to you would be, “Smell ya laterz brah!”

Icon Anthem 2 Motorcycle HelmetFor the more refined cigar smoking gentlemen of the road, Icon’s got something in store for you as well. Gracing the 2015 line up will be the newly updated Icon Anthem 2 Jacket. Sporting a new “razzle dazzle camouflage” inspired design, the jacket makes the rider disrupt the monotony of the sea of the ever more bland and unimaginative masses. The chassis of the jacket incorporates a strategic use of fighter mesh weave for an increased ventilation and airflow. Precise reinforcement of the vital impact areas of the jacket was accomplished by the use of heavy duty nylon panels. Vigilantly protecting you from bone crushing falls there will also be D3O armour. To protect yourself from the mother nature when she decides to play a trick on you, there will be also a full sleeve removable thermal liner, as well as an Icon Anthem 2 Hi-Viz Jacket for the rider who wants to stand out a bit more than the average bear.

Icon Anthem 2 Jacket Review:

It is brash and bold;it’s Icon. If you like to push the limits of the acceptable then look no further than the upcoming Spring 2015 Icon line up. You have been warned.

- Hubert

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