Sunday, February 1

Rukka AquaAir GTX Rain Suit: Welcome the Weather

Matt - Gear Geek

Please welcome the only Gore-Tex waterproof Pro-Shell rain suit, the Rukka AquaAir GTX Rain Suit! If you know anything about Rukka you know how technical and advance they are and this rain suit does not disappoint. I am personally a big fan of waterproof outer shells and this suit is high on my shopping list for this spring!

Rukka AquaAir GTX Rain SuitA couple downsides that come with rain suits is that they fit way too big and flap a lot in the wind or that you slide around too much when you wear them. However, due to the more sport cut, pre curved elbow and knees, and waist buckle, the AquaAir GTX suit fits perfectly over your standard gear. Also, since Rukka added Antiglide onto the seating area, sliding is not an issue. Lastly, Rukka added a Gore neck gaiter which negates the need for a balaclava. These are all huge benefits which makes this the most technical rain suit in the market!

As you can see, Rukka did not want to make a cheap rain suit that is just OK in the rain or only last a season or two. They instead wanted to make a premium suit that matches the rest of their lineup. Needless to say, they accomplished this with the Rukka AquaAir GTX Rain Suit!

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