Sunday, February 1

Rukka Outlast Fleece Jacket & Pants

Ever wonder what Batman wears when he is working out? If its a cold, dark night, and he needs a mid-layer to stay warm, the only choice is Outlast Fleece. Rukka is known for high quality, extremely technical gear that has an extremely long lifespan. The Rukka Outlast Fleece Jacket and Pants are no different.

Rukka Outlast Fleece JacketIf you think the Batman reference is far fetched, think again. Outlast was developed by NASA. Yeah, real rocket scientists. It uses phase change materials that store, absorb, and release heat to keep the wearer at the optimal temperature. With outlast, the mid-layer is adapting to your activity level as well as the outside temp to keep you comfortable.

Rukka Outlast Fleece PantsThe Rukka Outlast Fleece Jacket itself features a Center Chest panel with a poly windstopper to keep airflow down in the area that sees the most headwind. It obviously has YKK zips and also has handwarmer pockets. The mid height collar helps with the wind at your neck and the low profile cuffs are very comfortable. There are also large interior pockets for smaller items you may need to carry. And of course, the Rukka Outlast Fleece Jacket is made to be paired with the Rukka Outlast Fleece Pants. The pants are made from the same amazing materials and really complete the package. Both are made to fit snug but are elastic and will stretch to fit.

Base layer material designed by rocket scientist, check. Rukka fit, finish, and build quality, check. The Rukka Outlast Fleece mid-layers work hard to keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on the task at hand.

- Ryan

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