Thursday, July 23

Arai Corsair X Graphics: Nicky 6, Dani 4, and Vinales

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At this point, it shouldn’t be a secret. The Arai Corsair X is the newest power hitter in the game. It is the anchor of the lineup. The perennial All-Pro. In the high-end, race-grade motorcycle helmet world, the Corsair X is the podium-topper to rule them all. With that being the case, it would only make sense that we want to see this new lid with some hot graphics.
Arai Corsair X Nicky 6 Motorcycle Helmet
The Arai Corsair X Nicky 6 graphic takes its styling from the one and only Nicky Hayden. This graphic is fitting for a MotoGP World Champion, and in true Nicky style it does not skimp on the America theme. With a full-on Stars and Stripes presentation that is finely detailed and precisely styled, the Corsair X Hayden helmet is one of the most recognizable out there for anyone who follows the world’s greatest motorcycle racing circuit with regularity.

Arai Corsair X Dani 4 Motorcycle Helmet
It doesn’t get much more MotoGP than Dani Pedrosa, and the Arai Corsair X Dani 4 Helmet graphic is all that you would expect from a lid holding his name and number 26. Smoothly styled in a fashion that is both eye-grabbing and yet still not over-the-top, the Corsair X Pedrosa helmet is one that will showcase the signature aesthetics of one of the world’s greatest racers. The Blue, White, and Red theme matches well with a variety of bikes and gear, and come on, it’s Danny Pedrosa, so it is already other-worldly cool.

Arai Corsair X Vinales Motorcycle HelmetWhat do Maverick Vinales and the Arai Corsair X have in common? Well, they are both new to the game and are performing at the highest level. The Arai Corsair X Vinales Helmet is a great way to welcome the World Moto3 Champion to his inaugural season at the MotoGP level. With a high-energy graphic that swirls and pulls in vibrant visualization of the finish line ahead. With his signature number 25 and a Maverick callout at the back, this is a helmet for the go-getter at heart.

Whew, when Arai comes to market with a new helmet, they do it right. There are graphics galore with the new Corsair X, and with such a variety it should be a fun task to figure out which one works best with your own personal style.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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