Friday, July 31

Gyde by Gerbing 12V G4 Gloves: A Good Mix

Tony - Content Coordinator

Long rides and cold hands mix about as well as gasoline and a Bunsen burner. That is to say, they don’t mix at all, or at least, when they do, the mix into something very bad. Your hands control your bike, so when the weather gets cold, it is essential that they stay warm and happy.

Gyde by Gerbing 12V G4 Heated GlovesThe Gyde by Gerbing 12V G4 Gloves are one of a long-range, year-round rider’s best friends. They utilize electricity generated by your motorcycle and attach easily to your system, therefore you don’t have to worry about battery life, extra power packs, or scheduled re-charging times along your trip. You can just plug them in, turn them on, set your temperature with a Gerbing heat controller, and ride out. The 12V G4 gloves from Gyde are constructed of premium Aniline cowhide leather throughout the outer shell and lined with 150 grams of Thinsulate inside to help retain the heat generated by the Microwire heating panels.

Gyde by Gerbing Women's 12V G4 Heated GlovesFor female riders, there is the Gyde by Gerbing Women’s 12V G4 Gloves that will provide a better overall fitment. These gloves are functionally exactly the same as the Men’s version, however, they have been specially designed with the ergonomics of a more feminine hand in mind. With the Gyde Women’s 12V G4 gloves you get touchscreen compatible fingertips, impact protection gel pads in the palm, reflective piping, and a battery harness, Y-harness, and fuse set for installation.

While on the road for long stretches, your hand comfort is key. The Gyde by Gerbing series of 12V G4 heated gloves are designed to make that so, and to keep you on the bike for longer, more enjoyable rides.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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