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Klim Snow: Torque Jacket, Intake Vest, and PowerXross Gloves

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Frolicking in the snow is only fun if you are wearing the right gear. Jeans and cotton scarves simply won’t do. For every picture you see of happy people playfully rolling around in Central Park on a snowing night in NYC, there is a cold, wet walk home afterwards that is far less enthralling. Enter Klim. Enter Gore-Tex. Enter a happy walk home.

Klim Torque JacketThe Klim Torque Jacket is constructed of the highest level of mid-layer insulation in the Klim lineup. This jacket was designed for maximum warmth and comfort in cold conditions. With 80 grams of 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation encased in a down proof nylon shell, the Torque jacket is equal parts comfortable and heavy duty. Additionally, the YKK zippers that have been used throughout are equipped with zipper pulls that are easily accessible with gloves on.

Klim Torque Jacket Review:

Klim Intake VestIf you are interested in all of the features of the Torque jacket, but prefer a vest option, the new Klim Intake Vest might just be the option for you. A nylon ripstop shell with durable water repellent treatment allows the exterior of this vest to remain durable and in-tact for a long time. It also utilizes 80 grams of insulation to help you retain that well-earned body heat when the outside temperature tries to pull it away. Additional features include taffeta embossed lining, ample pocket space, and glove-friendly zipper pulls.

Klim Intake Vest Review:

The Klim PowerXross Gloves are a Gore-Tex, keep-you-dry-come-whatever, pair of gloves that are built for utilization in the snow. With 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation and Gore Grip in addition to the waterproofing, you will get a tactile feel on just about any surface, even when wet. You will also be warm, which is clutch. The Power Cross Gloves from Klim were built with snow in mind, and in doing so they have succeeded in becoming a well-rounded waterproof, comfortable, insulated glove.

Klim PowerXross Gloves Review:

In the end, fighting against the coming of winter is futile. It will be here. When it arrives, keep the Klim mid-layers in mind to help you remain comfortable while outside.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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