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Gyde by Gerbing Heated Gloves: Heated Finger Dwellings

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As anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows, the first thing to go when you get cold is the feeling in your fingers and hands. While many motorcycles provide some sort of wind deflection for the body, and the engine puts off heat for the legs, often times your hands are right out there in the elements. When things get chilly this can be a problem. After all, your hands are sort of the ones in charge of the majority of important controls, so having them function the right way is paramount to safe riding. Also, having cold hands is just no fun.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V 3 Finger Heated MittsThe Gyde by Gerbing 7V 3 Finger Mitts are a solid choice for those who trek out into the great wide-open and take on Winter with gusto. Designed mainly for snowmobiles and other winter specific outdoor activities, the 3 finter mitts from Gyde are constructed of a premium twill outer shell with Cyberian Cordloc and TPU molded cinch straps. From the Aquatex breathable water resistant membrane and the Primaloft insulation, these mitts are as robust as the winter is bitter. Oh yeah, and they also heat up with the touch of a button! So there is that too.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Featherweigth Heated GlovesFor more finger dexterity, the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Featherweight Gloves are gauntleted, heated, and basically ready to punch Old Man Winter right in his teeth! Insulated by 40 gram Thinsulate and lined with an Aquatex breathable water resistant membrane, the Featherweight Gloves from Gyde are durable and versatile enough to handle a variety of riding conditions. Powered by a portable 7.4V 4R lithium battery, these gloves are for the hearty hearts who ride on. For female riders, the Gyde by Gerbing Women’s 7V Featherweight Gloves provide a more ergonomic fitment and streamlined construction.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V S4 Heated GlovesAnother option to consider is the Gyde by Gerbing 7V S4 Gloves. As with the rest of the Gyde gloves, these are powered by a 7.4V 4T lithium battery and heated with Gerbing Microwire. Lightweight in construction for extended usage and comfort, the 7V S4 gloves, as well as the Gyde by Gerbing Women’s 7V S4 gloves, make use of an Aquatex lining and twill outer shell to battle the elements. They also feature touchscreen capabilities so that you don’t have to remove your gloves in the cold to work your cell phones and other electronic devices.

In summation, cold hands are no fun. They can also be dangerous. So, keep them warm with heated gloves from Gyde by Gerbing.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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