Friday, July 31

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Torrid Shell Vest: Classy and Warm

Tony - Content Coordinator

A nice outdoor vest is a classy call. One that heats up is even better! Whether you are a motorcyclist or just an avid fan of being outside when the weather is chilly, the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Torrid Shell Vest is something that could work well for you.

Gyde by Gerbing 7V Torrid Shell Heated VestConstructed of four way stretch fabric and built to endure the rigors of a lifestyle where heated gear is needed, this vest is breathable, flexible, and more durable than just about any other softshell garment on the market. To go one step further Gyde has added a water repellent finish that allows the vest to go further into inclement conditions than many of its peers. This DWR finish will repel dirt and rain, thus furthering its main purpose, which is to keep you comfortable. Within the softshell, the jacket is lined by a plush fleece and heated by four Microwire pads that crank up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. These zones are powered by a dual mode 7 volt battery that can be recharged via the included wall-charger.

Working as a mid-layer or outward facing piece of winter gear, the Gyde by Gerbing 7V Torrid Shell Vest is a versatile winter option.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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