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Alpinestars Backpacks: Force and Orbit

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Ok, so motorcycling is awesome. We all know that. It’s why we are here, now, rather than the incalculable number of other places to be online. So, with that squared away, we can also discuss that which is not always awesome… the fact that by riding a motorcycle we inherently diminish our capacity to take what we need with us along the way. Sure, sure, we can use sidecases and saddlebags, we can rock top cases and tank bags as well, but what about the rider who doesn’t want to alter the sleek lines of their bike with such additions? Well, that rider needs a trusty backpack indeed.

Alpinestars Force Motorcycle BackpackThe Alpinestars Force Backpack is a new edition that has been crafted by some of the very best in the business. Astars knows sleek, they know streamlined, and they know that some riders would prefer to retain their sporty nature while still augmenting their payload on the motorcycle. With the Force backpack, which is constructed from a rugged combination of nylon, ripstop nylon, ballistic nylon, and hypalon reinforcements, motorcyclists get 25L of added capacity for the ride. The Force backpack also boasts 4 external pockets, internal organizers, water bladder accommodations, built in helmet holster, and a waterproof rain cover should conditions get wet.

Alpinestars Force Backpack Review:

Alpinestars Orbit Motorcycle BackpackIf 25L is not enough for the things you are wanting to take along, the new Alpinestars Orbit 35 Backpack is here to help. Constructed of the same materials as the Force backpack, the Orbit 35 starts at 28L of capacity and can expand to a whopping 35L if need be. The Orbit (as well as the Force) has the ability to house a 15” laptop within its internal organizers, and goes beyond its little brother in that it also offers a waterproof main compartment that does not require the addition of a waterproof cover.

Alpinestars Orbit Backpack Review:

Getting to where you want to go is only part of it. The new Alpinestars backpacks make sure you have what you need once you put the kickstand down and call it a day.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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