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Alpinestars Motorcycle Shoes: Something for Everyone

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Shoes. Yeah. Too often they are right up there with riding pants when it comes to selecting options that are specifically made for motorcycling. It’s understandable. For those of us who don’t go to the track and also don’t do 500 mile days in the saddle, many of the options out there leave a lot to be desired. The motorcycle-specific functionality of these boots tends to mean that they are, well, very moto. Yet, what we want is to just have a comfy pair kicks that we can walk around in once the kickstand is down. Well, Alpinestars gets it, and for the Fall of 2015, they have introduced three new choices to help.

Alpinestars Oscar Rayburn Motorcycle BootsAs a pair of shoes that would be just as home in a casual lifestyle photoshoot as they are on the bike, the Alpinestars Rayburn Boots lead the way. Constructed of a full-grain leather that has been treated to exude vintage styling, the Rayburn boots are style and comfort personified in a pair of riding shoes. The Oscar Rayburn Boots absolutely have the motorcycle features that you would expect, such as double density TPU ankle protector disks, internal reinforcements, and an shift pad padding for comfort and durability. They are so well-made for motorcycling that they have received a Cat. 2 CE certification. However, what they have not done is forgone around-town style. Throw on the Oscar Rayburn boots with a pair of your standard fashion jeans, and they will not miss a beat. These are the perfect boots for a rider with a destination in mind.

Alpinestars Rayburn Boots Review:

Alpinestars Parlor Drystar BootsSo, casual motorcycle shoes/boots have been making huge inroads over the past few years. People get it, and for good reason. It is a market that needed some love. However, in a move that is possibly moving the needle yet again, the Alpinestars Parlor Drystar Boots reside even more in the direction of dress/high-fashion footwear. With a main construction of full grain leather that has been fashioned into the clean lines of a pointy-toed Black boot, the Parlor shoes will go just as well with a tailored suit as they will with your cafe racer. The combination zipper/laces closure allows for easy on/off and a comfortable securement throughout the ride. As with the Oscar Rayburn boots, the Parlor Drystar boots are CE Category II certified, in addition to their momentous levels of inherent style.

Alpinestars Parlor Boots Review:

Alpinestars Stadium Motorcycle Shoes
Coming to the other side of the table and going all out on the casual, the new Alpinestars Stadium Shoes are a sneaker style riding shoe that are lightweight, spunky, and super comfortable. With perforated microfiber on the lateral and medial panels for enhanced ventilation, as well as soft padding throughout in pursuit of added comfort, the all-day wearability of the Stadium shoes were paramount from the jump. At the same time, internal reinforcements work to give this shoe a CE Level 2 certification to accommodate its brethren in the Astars motorcycle shoe lineup.

Business casual, high-fashion, or around-town sporty, the new crop of Alpinestars riding shoes has something for everyone for the Fall of 2015.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always...

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