Monday, August 24

Alpinestars Riding Jeans: Fashion and Function

For the 2015 Fall launch, Alpinestars is taking cues from the New York Fashion week with the introduction of three new riding jeans. If you are looking for casual yet still protective riding gear, look no further than the Alpinestars Riffs, Alpinestars Crank and Alpinestars Copper riding jeans.

Alpinestars Riffs Motorcycle Riding JeansThe Alpinestars Riffs Riding Jeans feature 13oz denim for comfort and abrasion resistance. In addition, the construction of the pants has interior Aramidic reinforcement panels in the seat, hip and knee area. To keep you a little more comfortable while out on the bike the pants also have a thigh zipper vent and denim accordion panels on the knees and the back yoke. For your protection the jeans will have CE certified removable knee protectors that are also adjustable via Velcro for  various leg lengths.

Alpinestars Riffs Jeans Review:

Alpinestars Crank Motorcycle Riding JeansIf you are more concerned about looking fashionable you should consider the Alpinestars Crank Riding Jeans. These pants have a tapered European fit. They feature 13oz denim for abrasion resistance in addition to the interior Aramid fiber panels in the seat and knee areas for extra protection. To keep you protected, the jeans also have the removable hip and knee armor. If you are a taller fellow you can adjust the height of the knee protectors via incorporated velcro tabs.

Alpinestars Crank Jeans Review:

Alpinestars Copper Motorcycle Riding JeansThe Alpinestars Copper Riding Jeans will be your best bet if you are concerned with absolute safety. Designed to look like normal riding jeans the pants are lacking any external seams or zippers. The 13oz denim will keep you comfortable and protected from the harsh nature of the pavement. The jeans feature interior Aramidic reinforcement panels in the seat and knee areas. For extra peace of mind the pants also have removable CE certified knee and hip armor. In the same fashion as the Riffs and Crank jeans, these pants also offer you the ability to adjust the knee armor for your height.

Alpinestars Copper Jeans Review:

If you are not looking to follow in the footsteps of Ewan McGregor in a round the world motorcycle trip, there is no reason to look the part either. If you might be commuting to work or going out on the town, looking casual is the name of the game. To that extent, the Alpinestars Riffs, Crank and Copper riding jeans will keep you Fonzie cool while still protecting you.

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