Saturday, August 29

Icon Boots: 1000 Elsinore HP and Accelerant

Icon is at it again, with their diverse range of style and functionality.  They have always been one to blend the lines of form and function.  Whether you're sideways drifting with your smoke bomb tires, or blasting through the urban jungle on your cafe racer, Icon knows what's up.

Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Motorcycle BootsThe Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots punch you and everyone else around you in the face with pure Mad Maxian style, harking back to the old school dirt boots of yesterday.  Seriously, you cannot wear these boots without at least one compliment from a stranger.  These boots are cool, but the best part is, they do not skimp on quality.  Remember when men were men, and goods were made to last?  Yea, so does Icon, and that is what they had in mind when they came out with the newest version of the Elsinore.  The super tall 12" top grain leather, cast metal buckles and full Goodyear welt means these boots will keep kickin' for years to come.  Who needs to throw out boots and get new ones, when you can get these resolved, like the days when people cared about their craft and what they made.

Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots Review:

Icon Accelerant Motorcycle Boots

Then you have the Icon Accelerant Boots, which is the complete opposite end of the style spectrum, but just as in-your-face with style and quality.  Throw your Shinko Smoke Bomb Tires on the bike, and hope your swing arm is already extended, because these boots just look fast, and expect to get sideways around a corner.  The Leather chassis with Cordura reinforced zones are ready for those occasional scrapes with asphalt, since they know how hard you'll be leaning.  Push it to the limit, knowing the D3O ankle protectors will do their magical phase changing job to keep your ankles safe.

Icon Accelerant Boots Review:

Usually, when you see such extreme differences with gear styles, you'd think there would be some compromises.  How could the Icon Team get it right in the Cafe scene, while still knowing how to throw down in the world of Sport Bikes, but somehow, they came through.  The Icon 1000 crew knows how to make you look good on that old Cafe or Harley, and the sport boot world keeps advancing without a moment's hesitation.

- Strader

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