Saturday, August 29

Icon Sweet Dreams: Fear the Pegasus

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If there is one thing that Icon is known for, being low-key is not that thing. They are loud. They are vibrant. They are all about attention-grabbing graphics that stand out. They also are among the best when it comes to coordinating that style throughout an entire range of gear. Icon goes the extra mile when developing outfits that allow riders to find a style that they like, and incorporate it throughout their riding regalia. The new Sweet Dreams lineup is a perfect example of that ethos in action.

Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Motorcycle HelmetThe new Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Helmet sets the tone for the fantastical flighted unicorn of freedom that is come throughout the rest of the gear to follow in this line. As one of their flagship helmets and a hugely popular choice for a variety of riders, the Airmada frame provides an industry-leading tone from which the Sweet Dreams graphic builds upon. Aside from the great quality and comfort of the Airmada helmet itself, the Sweet Dreams graphic is its own brand of mind-tripping, inter-dimensional, diamond-eyed unicorn magic. With a plethora of features such as shield-locking mechanism, superior aerodynamics, and top-tier ventilation, along with the powerfully pink styling, the Airmada Sweet Dreams helmet is bathed in Icon swagger.

Icon Airmada Sweet Dreams Helmet Review:

Icon Women's Overlord Sweet Dreams Motorcycle Jacket

Moving down the body, the Icon Overlord Sweet Dreams Jacket has been specifically designed not only to match the styling of the Sweet Dreams helmet, and gloves, but also for the ergonomics of a more feminine fame. Constructed for female riders, the Women’s Overlord Sweet Dreams jacket really offers a great deal of features and styling at a non cost-prohibitive price. The Attack Fit styling offers a sleek, streamlined styling to go along with the lively Pink colorway. For a lightweight, warm-weather ladies sport jacket, the Womens Overlord Sweet Dreams motorcycle jacket is on point.

Icon Women's Anthem Sweet Dreams Motorcycle GlovesRounding things out for the upper-half of the body, the Icon Anthem Sweet Dreams Gloves are a specialized cut that have been formed for the women riders out there. As with the rest of the Icon Women’s gear, the Sweet Dreams gloves have taken into account the general differences in Womens and Mens hands and have been crafted to specifically fit the former. These gloves are incredibly lightweight for summer riding and are backed by D3O knuckle protectors for added protection. Oh yeah, and they also prominently feature that powerful pegasus unicorn that makes the Sweet Dreams graphics her home.

All in, the Sweet Dreams lineup from Icon is a comprehensive moto-outfit that comes together to feature some highly unique designs. With a helmet, jacket, and gloves that have all been fitted with the Sweet Dreams aesthetic, there is plenty to get excited about with the latest releases of Icon.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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