Saturday, August 29

Icon Raiden Alcan Gloves: High Value for Low Temperatures

When Icon launched their line of Raiden gear this past spring, cold weather gloves were mysteriously absent. Now we know why, as Icon has just announced the Icon Raiden Alcan Gloves to keep riders going as the temperatures start to drop, and the foliage gets noticeably more colorful.

Icon Raiden Alcan Motorcycle GlovesIcon has spent a lot of time in a variety of climates while filming their Raiden adventures. As a result, they knew exactly what to put into the new Raiden Alcan Gloves to make riders happy. First off, unlike the majority of cold weather gloves out there, these Alcan gloves actually include armor! We are used to seeing just some temperfoam, but these gloves are using a TPR outer knuckle, with D3O armor underneath. Great stuff!

The Icon Raiden Alcan Gloves use a tried and true Hipora waterproof liner, and are insulated as well. The revised gauntlet closure is designed to go under the cuff of a jacket, which is great news for riders tired of rain flowing down jacket sleeves and into the top of gloves. The suede palm adds some extra grip on the controls, and built-in neoprene panels allow for comfort and flexibility.

Icon Raiden Alcan Gloves Review:

The Icon Raiden Alcan Gloves come in at a very attractive price point, and offer excellent bang for the buck that will put the pressure on some higher-priced competitors. This fall and winter, stretch your riding season with the Raiden Alcan Gloves!


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