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Klim Base Layers: 1.0

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It is hard to have much of anything that turns out to be good without first having a good base. It is the foundation upon which whatever it is that you are building will sit, and if it is crummy, it doesn’t really matter that much what you put on top of it. The same principle holds true whether you are constructing a sports stadium, a mental library of knowledge, or motorcycle trip.

The Klim 1.0 Glove Liners are where it all starts for the hands. These glove liners are a great option for riders who are looking to get more functionality out of their every day gloves. The value comes in that you don’t have to buy a full new set of winter gloves, but rather just utilize the 1.0 glove liners to give your regular mitts a bit more insulation. Featuring a unique blend of hyper-wicking fabrics that will keep your hands dry, the 1.0 liners are compatible with all standard-size Klim gloves.

Klim Aggressor 1.0 Shirt
Moving inward from the extremities, the Klim Aggressor 1.0 Shirt is a super lightweight, great-fitting choice for a base layer around your torso. As with the glove liners, the Aggressor 1.0 works to pull moisture from your body outward, and thus keeping you from getting excessively cold once that moisture cools on the surface of your skin. Used as a base for other Klim gear, it is the first step in a well-orchestrated gear combination.

Klim Aggressor 1.0 PantsTo round out the full body coverage, the Klim Aggressor 1.0 Pants do the same thing as the gloves and jacket for your lower body. Low-profile and form fitting, these are an easy addition under any outer gear or mid-layers that you may want to use them with. All-day comfort is their main goal, and through the rigorous standards of the Klim brand, they definitely hit the mark.

Good things start from the bottom up. It is a time-proven principle. The Klim 1.0 series of base layers puts the principle to practice with their newest iterations of gear for outdoor enthusiasts.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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