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Klim Inferno Jacket & Pants: The Next Step

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Alright, so assuming that you have already gotten a good base to begin with, the next step in rounding out the ultimate all-weather riding outfit is getting a good mid-layer. This is the bridge between the base and the outer shell. When considering the right option for you, it will all come down to fit, materials, and as many of these will also double as destination pieces, a bit of style.

Klim Inferno JacketThe Klim Inferno Jacket is a subtly styled and highly efficient mid-layer for a variety of occasions. In balancing ample insulation with lightweight styling, this versatile mid-layer is a great choice for anyone looking to beef up their gear closet. At the same time, due to the sleek nature of the overall lines and simplicity, the Inferno jacket will work well as a destination jacket once the kickstand is down.

Klim Inferno Jacket & Pants Review:

Klim Inferno Pants
For the lower half of your body, keep the Klim Inferno Pants in mind. These make use of Level 1 insulation and hold on to just enough insulation to keep your body encased in a comfortable micro-climate. The ultra-comfortable fleece construction and low-profile stitching also add to the overall look, but more importantly they combine for an incredibly plush feel.

For the rider who is looking to get the full spectrum and maximum effect out of their gear, a great base layer from Klim can make a big difference.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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