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Klim Inversion Gloves: For Comfy Hands

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Sweaty, gross hands are, well… they are gross. Nobody likes soupy palms and clammy fingers. Yuck. Aside from being a slimy mess, it detracts from your time on two wheels. You need your hands to be dry and in good tactile standing with the gloves around them, and the controls in which the gloves manipulate. The Klim Inversion gloves have been helping in this regard for years.

Klim Inversion GlovesFor wind stopping capabilities in a lightweight, durable, long-lasting pair of gloves, there really aren’t a whole lot of options out there much better than the Klim Inversion Gloves. Drawing upon years of experience and continual improvements, they have gotten it down to a science. With a Gore Windstopper shell construction that is highly breathable, this anatomically designed glove makes use of seamless tip construction and wear-guard overlays for a combination of comfort and longevity.

Klim Inversion Gloves Review:

Klim Inversion Pro GlovesIf you are looking for a bit more protection than is offered on the original Inversion, the Klim Inversion Pro Gloves are here for just that reason. While the original is highly popular and a leading contender in the game, the Inversion Pro gloves add in a bit of leather and Poron SR impact foam to the outer shell in order to better protect your hand. The inclusion of a goat leather palm also adds to the dexterity, as many feel that it gives a more tactile interface with the controls on your bike.

Klim Inversion Pro Gloves Review:

Generally speaking, when compared to other gloves on the market, the Inversions are fairly lightweight. In order to provide the same great features that people have come to expect from this line, while also beefing up the heat retention capabilities, the Klim Inversion Insulated Gloves were introduced. With 60 grams of 3M Thinsulate Platinum insulation over the top of the hand, these gloves are much more equipped to handle lower temperatures than its previously mentioned brethren. They also have an e-touch index finger for use with touch screen devices.

Klim Inversion Insulated Gloves Review:

So, when you go out this year to take on the trails, keep the multiple Klim Inversion series options in mind for your finger dwelling selections.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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