Saturday, August 1

Klim F4 ECE Helmet Graphics: Rift & Legacy

Tony - Content Coordinator

If two paths converged in a wood, it is probably safe to say that any motocross rider worth their salt would instantly and without hesitation take the one less traveled. That is what makes them unique. That is why they are the way that they are. The thrill of the adventure, the adrenaline of the ride, and the overall possibility of taming that which has until then been un-tamed is the great allure for which we roll on the throttle with gusto! It is a call that Klim knows well, and happily answered.

Klim F4 ECE Rift Motorcycle HelmetWith the new Klim F4 ECE Rift Helmet we are seeing a few new upgrades that are designed to make the experience better for those off-roading wild-childs amongst us. By taking countless hours of data and feedback from riders of all levels, Klim has gotten to work on the F4 and improved upon it since its introduction. The Rift graphic sits atop the aerospace fiberglass / carbon fiber / DuPont Kevlar outer shell of the F4 ECE helmet and is a relatively subtle color combination. What is not subtle, however, is the ridiculously well-constructed ventilation system that has been packed into the F4 and the fact that it is widely considered to be among the top of the list when it comes to off-road comfort in a helmet.

Klim F4 ECE Legacy Motorcycle HelmetFor riders in search of something a little more visually vibrant, the Klim F4 ECE Legacy Helmet has a busy graphic, albeit in grayscale, that is rich in contrast and intersection of line and shape. While the graphic offers a different look, however, the F4 ECE helmet upon which it is based is exactly the same as the Rift. In going with the F4, riders can expect a lightweight, supremely aerodynamic, and incredibly comfortable option. This feature-rich lid is packed with techonology and design improvements such as its advanced air induction system, extensive array of exit ports, plush interior, and premium shell construction.

The off-road rider is rugged and free. They are rambunctious and hungry. They are, well, they are a lot of things actually. Klim specializes in off-road gear, they get it, and as such they have developed the F4 ECE helmet even more so that it provides riders with the experience that they are looking for when they take to the trails of the world.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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