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Klim Dakar Jacket & Pants: Strong Willed

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Going off road, and going off road hard is not for the weak minded or weak willed. It takes guts, it takes fortitude, it takes an untempered wildness and the facilities necessary to make it happen. From the years of experience that went into its construction, to the incalculable hours of time in the saddle putting it through its paces, the Dakar series of gear from Klim is able to confidently exhibit all of the above.

Klim Dakar Motorcycle JacketThe new Klim Dakar Jacket is a piece of motorcycle gear that has been tailored specifically for comfort in the saddle. Throughout its conceptualization and design, the architects of its construction never lost sight of the form and function, and it shows. With a truly rugged 420D/840D highly abrasion resistant outer shell that allows for equal parts mobility and defense in the event of a fall, the Dakar jacket is not messing around in durability. Additional reinforcements can be added to the back and elbows with upgrades in the form of Klim’s proprietary D3O armor package. From high-end ventilation, to completely removable sleeves all-together, this jacket is ready to go for all of your warm-weather, off-road adventures.

Klim Dakar Jacket Review:

Klim Dakar In The Boot PantsTo match up with the Dakar jacket, or as a stand-alone option on its own, the Klim Dakar In The Boot Pants are a robust piece of off-road gear that will stand up to the test of time and rigor. As with the jacket, these pants are all about comfort in the riding position, and as such make ample use of features such as articulation, accordion stretch panels, and overall ergonomics. In addition to the 420D/840D Cordura shell, the Dakar pants make use of heavy-duty, melt resistant leather on the interior leg areas so that hot engine parts become nothing but a concern of pants since past. In all, the Dakar pants are a protective, rugged, and extremely comfy pair of off-road motorcycle pants that will work well for you for years to come.

The Dakar gear lineup didn’t get its name by accident. It is a set of gear that is all about the challenge, and reward, that comes with ardent off-road motorcycling.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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