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Klim Women's Sundance Jacket & Pants

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Women’s motorcycle gear is one of the areas of the industry that has seen the most advancement in the past few years. What was once seen as an afterthought, now plays a prominent role in many manufacturer’s mindsets and the amount of quality Women’s gear coming to the market has been a really exciting thing to watch. For the Fall of 2015, Klim has definitely gone that route and has a large offering specifically for female riders and outdoor enthusiasts.

Klim Women's Sundance JacketThe new Klim Women’s Sundance Jacket is a great example of something that they are definitely doing right. This is the lightest mid-layer in their Women’s lineup and is a great choice for anyone looking to get a bit more insulation, but who is not looking to go deep into an Arctic winter. With Level 1 mid-layer insulation, the Sundance Jacket is going to be a solid choice for fall afternoons and early spring mornings. The high-wicking performance stretch fleece not only helps to pull moisture away from the body, but also has been cut to a more feminine fitment and is incredibly comfy.

Klim Women's Sundance Jacket & Pants Review:

Klim Women's Sundance PantsMuch as the jacket works to keep your upper body a bit warmer on those slightly cooler days, the Klim Women’s Sundance Pants are here to do the job for your lower body as well. These pants match with the jacket in both style and materials and will allow for a total body encasing of soft fleece happiness.

In combining comfort and performance at the highest level, the new Klim Sundance Jacket and Pants shows up for the Fall of 2015 as a great new addition to the growing number of items available for lady riders and adventurers around the world.

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