Saturday, August 1

Klim Yukon Pullover: Functionally Fashionable

Tony - Content Coordinator

When all around you is cold, and you are warm, that is bliss. For those riders who make their way in the northern latitudes and get the full blast of accompanying weather through those dastardly winter months, the feeling of toasty warm gear on a chilly January day is one of the simple pleasures of life that is not to be overlooked.

Klim Yukon Pullover The Klim Yukon Pullover exists to make sure that folks get as much of that feeling as possible. While the original Yukon made its name based on comfort, Klim was not satisfied in leaving the bar there, and thus raised it to an even higher level in the newest version. With light-to-medium levels of insulation formed into a wear-anywhere fashionable look, the Yukon pullover works well for a variety of scenarios when the temperature drops. Specific upgrades can be seen in the durability of the main body fabric, improved stitching, and the seamless overlays of additional material in the high-wear zones.

Klim Yukon Pullover Review:

Simplicity is in for the Fall of 2015. Complex and convoluted is out. For no-hassle, all-day, cold-weather comfort, the Klim Yukon Pullover is the way to go.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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