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Klim Inversion & Stow Away Jackets: For the Journey

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Aerosmith famously proclaimed that “life’s a journey, not a destination.” They sold a gazillion records, then a gazillion more tickets, then added a gazillion more dollars to their bank accounts. So, they must be right. However, once you get to that destination, it always helps to have a nice jacket to keep you warm and dry.

Klim Inversion JacketThe Klim Inversion Jacket is constructed of a 100% Windproof Gore-Tex material and is great choice for lightweight, yet durable outerwear. Sleek in its design and made with the great integrity that comes from the experts at Klim, the Stow Away is a jacket that will be ready to accompany you on your most adventurous excursions. Ample pocket space, hypalon zipper pulls, and low-profile pit vents are only a few of the many great features that you will make use of with this jacket.

Klim Inversion Jacket Review:

Klim Stow Away JacketIf you are looking for a solid, ready for whatever, hooded jacket that is quality-made through and through, then the Klim Stow Away Jacket might be just what you are in search of. Constructed of Gore-Tex ripstop performance material throughout the outer shell that is guaranteed to keep you totally dry, this jacket is simple, understated, and highly capable of handling a variety of climatic situations. At the same time, it is capable of being stuffed into an average sized pocket for storage.

Klim Stow Away Jacket Review:

So, enjoy the journey. But when you get where you are going, think about some of the new options from Klim.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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