Saturday, August 1

Klim Jerseys: Mojave & Dakar

Tony - Content Coordinator

Ok, ok, if anyone says that riding a motorcycle isn’t at least a little bit about style, they are probably fibbing. We like to look good, and it’s nice to dress the part. With their newest lineup of jerseys, Klim has more than hit the mark.

Klim Mojave Motocross JerseyThe Klim Mojave Jersey is a fully ventilated mesh option that forms to a very athletic fit. Unlike many options on the market, this tailored style is slimming and reduces the amount of excess material that is flapping in the breeze as you go zoom-zooming through the trails of the world. In advancing the lineup of jerseys as a whole, Klim has increased the overall durability of construction, ergonomics, and taken greater consideration into the interaction of the jersey itself with the gear that you will be wearing underneath.

Klim Dakar Motocross JerseyWith all of the same improvements as the Mojave, the new Klim Dakar Jersey is another style option for riders looking for a more visually diverse aesthetic. The Dakar jersey comes in a variety of colorways such as Blue, Grey, Green, and our personal favorite, Orange! Each of these graphics patterns contrasting hues against each other in a way that really grabs the eye and doesn’t let go… until you blow past in a cloud of dust and linear speed that is.

When riding your bike off-road, the gear you select should definitely be focused on safety. Once you have that covered, however, it never hurts to go for a bit of added style! With the new lineup of jerseys from Klim, you should be good to go.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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