Friday, August 21

Sena 10R Low Profile Bluetooth Communicator: Hurrah Technology!

Tony - Content Coordinator

So this must be what folks felt like when the microwave came to kitchens across the country back in the mid-1940’s. Ol’ Percy Spencer understood technology back then and made things a lot simpler for people trying to heat up food. Sena understands technology today, and in turn they have done the same for motorcyclists looking for a better communications on the road.

Sena 10R Bluetooth HeadsetThe new Sena 10R Bluetooth Headset builds on the long tradition that Sena has planted for themselves in the bluetooth communicator industry. They are not a motorcycle company. They are not a motorcycle gear company. They are a technology/communications company. As such, the quality and value of their products can be instantly seen when compared to some of the other options on the market. With the 10R, Sena has put the rider in total control not only of the headset communicator, but of the media experience itself.

Sena 10R Low Profile Bluetooth Helmet CommunicatorWith a talk time of up to 10 hours packed into an extremely low profile motorcycle bluetooth headset, the Sena 10R packs a mighty punch. By utilizing the Sena Smartphone App, riders can link up their 10R with their Android or iPhone in order to configure device settings, groupings, and guides at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the Sena 10 R has full access to FM radio, can hold 10 preset stations, has an increased volume / clarity of sound, and employs an Advanced Noise Control technology that cuts down on background noise so that you can hear and be heard better than ever. Oh yeah, and there is that whole “convenience” thing too… the Sena 10R low profile bluetooth motorcycle helmet communicator comes with a handlebar remote that keeps the controls in front of your face while keeping your hands on the bars.

The past few decades have seen greater advancements in technological advancements than most centuries have previously. No reason that motorcyclists should be left out of the fun, and Sena is leading the charge.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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