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Scorpion Gloves: Starring Tallon Havoc Bixby

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Together, they would probably make the greatest Hollywood action-hero screen-name of all-time. Talon Havoc Bixby. How good would that look atop the marquee sign? That dude would only make awesome movies (#fact). As it is, however, the Talon, Havoc, and Bixby gloves are each superstars in their own right.

Scorpion Talon Motorcycle GlovesThe Scorpion Talon Gloves are a short-cuff, warm-weather option for the rider who wants a leather/mesh combo that will keep their hands cool while still retaining that leather feel and tactile responsiveness. With an outer shell made of top-grain goatskin leather that has been reinforced in the palm and a mesh back that allows for a ton of air to flow over the hand and between the fingers, the Talon gloves are all about keeping your hands comfortable in the heat of summer. Additional features include TPU knuckle and TPR finger protectors for added protection, pre-curved fitment, and Kwik Touch touch-screen capabilities.

Scorpion Talon Gloves Review:

Scorpion Havoc Motorcycle Gloves

If you dig the Talon look and feel, but are still in search of a full-gauntlet version that provides a bit more coverage, the new Scorpion Havoc Gloves would be the best bet. These are essentially the same gloves as the Talon, except they have the added benefit of an extended cuff which better encapsulates the wrist. This glove would be better suited for the track rider or more aggressive street motorcyclist who needs more protection.

Scorpion Havoc Gloves Review:

Scorpion Bixby Motorcycle Gloves
For something altogether different, the Scorpion Bixby Gloves are a throwback motorcycle glove that is classic in design and timeless in aesthetics. The top-grain goatskin leather shell has been padded along the back of the hand and across the palm for added impact protection, while it has also been reinforced for wear throughout the main grip area and pre-curved for a comfortable fitment. As with the other gloves in the new Scorpion lineup, the Bixby gloves are equipped with a Kwik Touch fingertip for use with touch-screen devices.

Scorpion Bixby Gloves Review:

With the Fall 2015 season quickly approaching, the hottest releases in the action sports arena would all do well to have the star power of Talon Havoc Bixby.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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