Monday, August 10

Scorpion Hi-Viz Upgrades: Yosemite and Yuma

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Some of the most amazing sights you will see come when you set out to explore the vastly different, yet equally fascinating variety of landscapes within this country (or world for that matter!). From massive mountain ranges to swampy bogs, to rolling plains, and sprawling deserts, it is all on display somewhere in the 50 states. While they are only 540-ish miles apart, the landscapes of Yosemite and Yuma, for example, might as well be on opposite ends of the planet.

Jackets such as the Scorpion Yosemite Hi-Viz Jacket are built for rigors of all-weather riding. With the Yosemite jacket, you are going to get a hugely versatile option that can handle a wide variety of climatic scenarios with equal parts tactful precision and rugged resilience. This is evidenced through the multitude of liners that can be swapped in and out as temperatures and precipitation changes. If it is cold, put in the thermal liner, if it is wet, utilize the waterproof AirGuard liner. If it is hot and dry, well, do the exact opposite and take those pieces out. Constructed of a highly-durable 500D nylon outer shell that has been reinforced with 1680D nylon panels in the high abrasion areas, the Yosemite Hi-Visibility jacket is one that will charge headlong into your next adventure without balking for an instant. Additional features such as heavy-duty mesh ventilation areas, large on-person storage capabilities, and Sas-Tec armor at the shoulders and elbows all work to add additional value to this Hi-Viz adventure jacket.

Scorpion Yuma Hi-Viz Motorcycle JacketThe Scorpion Yuma Hi-Viz Jacket, on the other hand, is more lightweight and warm-weather oriented. Large, heavy-duty 600D polyester mesh throughout the most important areas of air-flow allows the Yuma jacket to keep you strategically cool even in the hottest of conditions. The design of the Yuma Hi-Visibility jacket has been specifically cultivated to remain lightweight, while still providing the protection that you would expect. As with the Yosemite jacket, the Yuma makes use of Sas-Tec armor in the shoulders and elbows, as well as 1680D nylon reinforcements in areas of high impact probability.

Scorpion Yuma Motorcycle PantsIn addition to the new Hi-Viz options of the Yosemite and Yuma jackets, Scorpion has also released the new Yuma Pants to round out the outfit. These pants are just as rugged as either of the jackets and are constructed of many of the same materials. Underneath the outer shell of 500D and 1680D nylon that has been augmented with 250D polyester mesh for additional ventilation, the Scorpion Yuma Pants also have the ability to draw upon a removable, full-length AirGuard wind/waterproof liner when the weather gets cooler and/or wet. These pants also come with an 8” #5 YKK zipper that will connect to Scorpion jackets.

If there is one thing that can be taken from the recent release of the newest Scorpion adventure gear, it is that they want riders to be ready for anything, no matter where they choose to ride. The capabilities of the Yosemite Hi-Viz Jacket, Yuma Hi-Viz Jacket, and Yuma Pants all do their part to make Scorpion’s goal a tangible reality.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,

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