Thursday, September 17

AGV K3 SV Graphics: Scudetto, Camodaz, Myth

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The AGV K3 SV helmet has been a staple of the helmet manufacturer’s lineup, and for good reason. It takes from some of the most premium helmets on the planet (here’s looking at you Pista and Corsa), and pairs them down into a helmet that is ready for the street at a fraction of the cost. For 2016, AGV has introduced a long-list of graphical options to freshen up the line.

AGV K3 SV Scudetto Motorcycle HelmetWith championship pedigree, the AGV K3 SV Scudetto Helmet is crafted in the image of the prestigious Italian soccer trophy by the same name. When rocking the Skudetto, there is no question as to which country you root for in the World Cup. The Italian flag is prominently displayed within the AGV graphic on either side of the K3 SV helmet, and is positioned in the prime-attention grabbing real-estate. When wearing the AGV K3 SV Scudetto, you channel the hard fought, podium-topping prowess of the most sought after soccer trophy in Italy.

AGV K3 SV Camodaz Motorcycle HelmetDid someone say Cameron Diaz? Oh, no. Whoops. That is the new AGV K3 SV Camodaz Helmet. With the choice between a highlight of Fuchsia or Yellow to accentuate the visor against a matte Grey/Black urban camo style backdrop, the high-contrast of color options really makes the Camodaz stand out. Not unlike the actress of similar pronunciation, the K3 SV Camodaz is skilled, noteworthy, and will undoubtedly stand out amongst its peers.

AGV K3 SV Myth Motorcycle HelmetAnother helmet graphic of which to take note can be seen in the AGV K3 SV Myth Helmet. The Myth graphic is simple. Nothing that is going to be seen by astronauts at the International Space station or anything. It is not the helmet that is going to scream of MotoGP colorways or stunt competition attitude. It is, however, a helmet that will say “hey, I ride motorcycle, prefer something other than a solid color helmet, and like to rock the sexy-Italian moto that is exemplified by AGV.”

A good helmet just got a makeover for 2016. The AGV K3 SV graphics cover a lot of ground, and in the end, will offer a wide-range of riders the style that they prefer.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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