Wednesday, September 16

AGV K5 Helmet: An Italian Attackbird of Destiny

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If Rossi is fast, the Peregrine falcon is faster. With a maximum speed (in a dive) of 240 mph, it is far and away the champion of the animal kingdom in that regard. So, how does a bird that weighs all of 2lbs cut through the air so quickly? Well, it’s all about the aerodynamics and angles. Much the same can be said for the new AGV K5 Helmet.

AGV K5 Motorcycle HelmetThe K5 from AGV has been a chart-topper in Europe for some time now. In fact, it's so darn popular that they have barely been able to keep it on the shelves! One look is all that it takes to instantly see why. With an outer shell that has been constructed of carbon and glass fibers which make it extremely lightweight (much like the Peregrine), the K-5 has been engineered in a way that at the same time allows it to retain a seriously high level of tensile strength. Additionally, the K5 is noted for its superior airflow both in and around the helmet. With three front vents and two at the rear, the ventilation pathway throughout the dome has been crafted to the highest spec and will keep air flowing smoothly throughout your ride. On the outside, the sharply cut, angular shell has been rigorously designed to slice through the air with minimal drag and buffeting. Additionally, the K5 from AGV has a Pinlock-ready outer visor that is backed by an internal Smoke drop-down sun visor for increased functionality regardless of where the ride takes you.

AGV K5 Helmet Review:

Like the Peregrine falcon itself, the angular, streamlined, and lightweight AGV K5 is a helmet built for precision and clarity of focus. Now that it is available here in the United States, American riders can finally put it to use.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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