Thursday, September 17

AGV K3 SV Helmet Graphics: Thyrus, Elements, Misano 2011, and Imola 1998

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For quality-built helmets that channel premium features and come in at a non cost-prohibitive price point, the AGV K3 SV is right up there at the top of the list. It has been a champion of the street helmet game for some time, and for good reason. New for 2016, AGV has introduced a plethora of new graphics to keep it fresh.

AGV K3 SV Thyrus Motorcycle HelmetAny Final Fantasy fans in the building? If not, how about fans of fabled relic weapons in general? Well, if either of those is your thing, then the new AGV K3 SV Thyrus Helmet is going to be right up your alley. Sweeping in its nature and powerful in its presence, the Thyrus helmet is a highly-detailed graphic that does Black/White contrast right. While there is no sight of what exactly this mythical source of power-creature may be as the graphic intertwines and originates/dissipates into itself, perhaps it is a mystery that need not be solved. For the Thyrus is here, it is powerful, and it is yours. What else do folks need to know? Nothing.

AGV K3 SV Elements Motorcycle HelmetEarth, wind, and fire ain’t just some awesome band. No, no. They are the elements. Always here previously, and always here henceforth. Until there is no time to be had, the elements will be here. Channeling that kind of staying power, the AGV K3 SV Elements Helmet is a lid that is built to provide a unique style of rambunctious youthfulness in the saddle. All types, all days, all forces. That is the AGV K3 SV Elements helmet graphic in a nutshell.

AGV K3 SV Misano 2011 Motorcycle HelmetIf the racing graphic of someone like Valentino Rossi is more your style (and why wouldn’t it be?), then the AGV K3 SV Misano 2011 might be more to your liking. This is a game day graphic that pulls from the MotoGP legend’s signature style. As the name would suggest, it is the graphic that Rossi wore at the 2011 race at Misano. While Rossi finished off of the podium that day, the graphic of his choosing has been a hot item for some time since.

AGV K3 SV Imola 1998 Motorcycle HelmetSince when did 1998 become a classic / throwback / vintage? Whew, where oh where have the years gone? In honor of the 1998 Imola motorcycle Grand Prix, the new AGV K3 SV Imola 1998 graphic is here for 2016. Lighthearted in its graphic and fun-loving in its demeanor, the Imola 98 graphic is one that AGV dug down into history for and have brought back to 2016 with a crisp revival. The Italian design and aesthetic sensibilities can be seen throughout as this is a helmet that just exudes international motorcycle competition qualities and style.

2016 is looking like a good year for the AGV K3 SV helmet as it has gotten a ton of new graphical updates. These are just a few of the hot new styles coming out of AGV as they breathe some new flavor into the lineup.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

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