Thursday, September 17

AGV K5 Graphics: Enclave, Hero, Deep

Tony - Content Coordinator

The AGV K5 Helmet is a beast. Totally angular, lightweight, and crafted for speed and comfort for the long-haul. It has been super popular in Europe for some time now, and finally is coming to the States. AGV, being masters of Italian style, has delivered the first round with plenty of graphics to compliment the helmet itself.

AGV K5 Enclave Motorcycle HelmetThe new AGV K5 Enclave Helmet is a simple graphic that subtly adds to the crisp craftsmanship of the K5 helmet itself. Choosing between a Black, White, or Red option, the Enclave helmet is a great way to increase your road-ready notability, without getting too crazy and over-the-top. The super-streamlined construction of the helmet itself is brought to the forefront with the design of the Enclave graphic which classically pulls in a rounded arc from front to back of the helmet.

AGV K5 Hero Motorcycle HelmetAs the antithesis of the calming swoop of the Enclave, the new AGV K5 Hero Helmet is a futuristic chaos of energy and hi-visibility lines. Set against a Black outer shell, the Hero graphic stands out in the AGV K-5 lineup as one of the most energetic aesthetics available. If Star Fox were to rock an AGV helmet (which he just might, who knows?), it would most likely be the Hero. Both the intergalactic fox himself and the Hero helmet are pre-disposed to go with intensity, go with attitude, and go there with speedy swagger.

AGV K5 Deep Motorcycle HelmetLike a laser-guided motorcycle helmet of destiny, the AGV K5 Deep Helmet is here to spark its own brand of style. Dark in its construction and mysterious in its desire, the Deep helmet graphic for the new AGV K5 really draws attention in any crowd. Instantly noticeable is the high-end contouring that was done to this Black, Red, and Grey color scheme. The artists at AGV have given the Deep graphic a 3D feel that lifts from the outer shell itself and seems to levitate between the high-contrast color palette.

Simply put, the K5 helmet from AGV is a winner. After a long run of domination in Europe, its introduction to the American market, and subsequent graphical options to come with it are reason to be on all motorcyclists radars.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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