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Dainese Leather Jackets: 2015 Race Replica & Richard Leather Jackets

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Leather jackets are just downright cool. They are. There is just something about putting one on, feeling it mold to your form, and then just striding out towards whatever awaits beyond the horizon that pulls on the heartstrings of the motorcyclists’ story. A little bit wild, a whole lot of free, and very much ready to roll on the throttle and get gone!

Dainese Race Replica Motorcycle JacketIf you are a motorcyclist of the sportbike variety, and that sportbike happens to be a Kawasaki, then the new Dainese 2015 Race Replica Jacket is going to be right up your alley. This jacket is decked out in Kawi green accents that will go well with your bike and really cement your legacy as one of the greats! Well, as it pertains to style anyway. The Race Replica 2015 jacket from Dainese is an aggressive fit jacket that is constructed from Tutu cowhide leather and S1 bi-elastic fabric. This translates into great fit and feel while you also enjoy the effects of the aerodynamic spoiler, jacket-to-trouser connection capabilities, and the Nanofeel liner with Silver Ion treatment for comfort all-the-way.

Dainese 2015 Race Replica Leather Jacket Review:

Dainese Richard Leather Motorcycle JacketPerhaps you are more of a classic style kind of rider though. No worries. Dainese has something for you as well with the Dainese Richard Leather Jacket. While we have no idea just who this Richard fella is, one thing's for certain; he is a man of unparalleled style and unsurpassed sophistication. Both aspects can be seen in every facet of the Richard jacket’s construction. In bringing back the classic 4 pocket moto-design, the beautiful aniline dyed cowhide has a waxy finish that exudes vintage swagger like very few other jackets on the road today.

Dainese Richard Leather Jacket Review:

So, regardless of if you are in search of a sleek sport jacket or a more relaxed throwback to a bygone era, the Dainese Fall 2015 collection has a leather jacket for your style.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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