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Dainese Luggage: D-Tail, D-Mach, and D-Gambit

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So you like your Dainese do you? Good, you are obviously a motorcyclist with impeccable taste and refined sensibilities. After all, Dainese is AWESOME! The only problem is, sometimes you need to put your Dainese gear into non-Dainese luggage, and that is not as awesome. Well, be un-awesome no longer, as Dainese is offering new ways to carry yo’ thangz for the Fall of 2015.

With the Dainese D-Tail Tail bag, you are given the ability to add a bit of storage directly to your bike. This 20.9L capacity tailbag is sleek and streamlined (like something from Dainese would be anything less!), and comes with a universal web mounting system that allows for simplistic and secure attachment to your ride. Speaking of your ride, the D-Tail Tail Bag also comes with a reinforced and textured neoprene non-slip pad to protect your paint.

Dainese D-Tail Tail Bag Review:

If a backpack is more your style, there is the Dainese D-Mach Backpack that adds a couple extra litres over the D-Tail and can hold up to 22.2L of your, well, stuff. In addition to the stylish design of the D-Mach, special attention was put towards on-the-bike comfort and can be seen in the accentuated back foam profile that works to create better air flow throughout. Nobody likes a sweaty back after all. Additional features of the D-Mach backpack include a fully adjustable, non-slip sternum strap, an interior padded laptop sleeve, and a rain cover that you can use if inclement weather happens upon you during your ride.

Dainese D-Mach Backpack Review:

If the D-Mach simply isn’t going to be enough for you to hold the things that you need to hold, then check out the Dainese D-Gambit Backpack. With the largest capacity, which comes in at 33.5L of rugged, durable, waterproof storage, the D-Gambit is a backpack for the ardent motorcyclist who spends a good deal of time in the saddle. From the crush proof Tech Vault where you can store your valuable electronics, to the Hybrid Unibody Backpanel for maximum, all-day comfort, this delux Dainese backpack is fit for masters of the moto-verse as they zoom-zoom around town or the open highway.

Dainese D-Gambit Backpack Review:

Fret no longer Dainese champions of the world, for you will not have to degrade your sweet Italian moto-gear by leaving it in non-Dainese luggage anymore! Whether it is the D-Tail Tail Bag, the D-Mach Backpack, or the D-Gambit Backpack, you can take your gear with you without missing an Italian beat.

Have fun out there, be safe, and as always…

Enjoy the ride,


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